Tutorial - setting up and configuring the Easy Login feature

Before undertaking these steps, you might like to read up on options for how to associate users with records and the Easy Login feature if you have not done so already.

Enabling Easy Login

To enable Easy Login on your Instant Indicia website, login as someone with admin rights then select Site building > Features from the admin menu. On the list of feature categories on the left, select Indicia Miscellaneous Features. Now tick the box for the Easy Login feature and click Save Settings.

Selecting the Easy Login feature

When you enable any feature in Instant Indicia, the Drupal module responsible for managing features scans for modules that are no longer required. If it thinks it finds any it will display an Orphaned Dependencies message, asking if you would like to disable these modules.

The Features orphaned dependencies message.

In our experience this message is not reliable, in fact there is an issue in the issue queue for the Drupal module saying just that.


Unless you are sure that a module can be disabled, click the Leave enabled button.

A quick test

Next we need to check that Easy Login is working. Easy Login cannot associate your user account with a user account on the warehouse unless it knows at least your surname, since this is a mandatory field on the warehouse. So, click on the My Account link in the top right of the page, then click on the Name tab. Fill in the First name and Last name then press Save.

Inputting your name into your user profile.

Having saved your account, you should see a handful of messages at the top of the page:

Messages shown after saving your account

The first is a suggestion to fill in your recording preferences on your account. The second message, “Your user account is now linked to the central records database” is the one we are interested in at the moment - this tells us that the Easy Login module has sent your user details to the warehouse and either returned the ID of an existing warehouse user, or has created a new user. If you have enough privileges you can check that this has worked by looking at the System tab of the user account in Drupal - this shows the ID of the linked account on the warehouse.

Note that if you enable Easy Login on an existing site, then when user logs in for the first time subsequently, they won’t have a last name set for their account, but this is needed to synchronise their user account with the warehouse. So, Indicia will display a message after they log in asking them to set their last name in their profile:

Indicia requests the user to fill in their last name.


Easy Login pretty much works out of the box, but can be configured to change the options available in the user’s preferences. You might:

  • have a recording site for a specific taxon group.
  • have a recording site specific to a locality.

In these circumstances, it would not be appropriate to ask each recorder to fill in their preferred taxonomic groups and recording locality, as suggested by this message receieved when we saved our user account: “Why not tell us the area you would most often like to record in and the list of species groups you are particularly interested in to help us tailor the system to your needs? You can fill this information in on your user preferences.” The message is also displayed after login if these pieces of information are not filled in, so we definitely need a way to turn them off. Since each of the above user account preferences are Drupal Profile fields, their visibility on the website can be configured using Drupal’s standard Profile configuration:

  • Select User management > Profiles from the Drupal admin menu.
  • Click the edit link alongside the field you want to show or hide.
  • Look down the page for the Visibility section. Set this to Hidden profile field… to hide and effectively disable the field, or Public field, content shown on profile page but not used on member list pages to show and effectively enable the field.
Visibility options for Profile fields introduced by Easy Login

One of the options provided by Easy Login is hidden by default and must be set to public for it to be of use. This is an option relating to Record privacy which provides a tick box allowing the user to opt out of letting their records be shared with other websites. Its hidden by default simply because we think that free and open access to records is a good thing, unless there are genuine sensitivity issues. However, accepting that there are other valid viewpoints, this option can be made public if you need it for your website. If you make this tick box public then you might also like to tick the Visible in user registration form option which allows recorders to set the option during the registration process.


Easy Login also adds a couple of configuration options to the Site configuration > IForm > Settings admin menu item’s page. These are near the bottom and allow you to control which location types are available for selection when a user chooses their favourite recording locality and also which location types are available for selection for the regions in which a data collator can download data. You might set the former to “Vice County” and the latter to “LRC Boundary” for example.