Instant Indicia


Instant Indicia was based on Drupal 6 which is no longer supported. It should be considered obsolete. We currently (Nov 2016) recommend that, if you are building a new online recording website, you use Drupal 7 and the IForm module. There is also an initial release of the IForm module for Drupal 8 on Github.


Indicia is the only online recording toolkit developed from the ground-up for being completely configurable and customisable to build the exact wildlife recording solution you want. This includes both editable configuration options as well as full customisation using the PHP development language. Of course, this level of flexibility means that learning all there is to know about Indicia can be quite bewildering. Fortunately Instant Indicia provides a dramatically simplified process for building online recording sites by providing a set of building blocks that you can easily turn on and off to build the site you require. Unlike many other “simplified” solutions, the good news is that using Instant Indicia to get your site started does not prelude you from using all the detailed configuration and customisation options which Indicia provides if required in future.

The fundamental concept behind Instant Indicia is a modified version of the Drupal Content Management System (a generic tool for building content based websites) with pre-configured options suitable for wildlife recording, including the installation of the Indicia integration and other modules. In other words, when you install a Drupal website normally, the installation process leaves you with a “blank sheet” and there is a fair amount to setup to build the average site. When you install an Instant Indicia site on the other hand, much of the required configuration is done for you. Furthermore, Instant Indicia provides you with a list of features which you can simply turn on and off to enable the ones you want. The features available include not only online recording forms but also things like mapping, reporting and even discussion forum functionality.