Contributing to the Documentation

The documentation for Indicia is written in Restructured Text (RST). RST is fast, simple and powerful (although you may like to contrast that with another opinion which describes it as ‘permanently unlearnable’ and ‘a loathsome afterbirth expelled from the same womb as XML and TeX’). If you look at a RST document, you’ll see that the formatting information is contained as part of the text itself, so the text does not actually look like the final output. The document is then processed by a program called Sphinx to change it into the final HTML page. Here is a quick example of what some simple RST text might look like:

Page title

This is a bit of text, followed by a list of points:

  * Point 1
  * Point 2 with some **bold** text

Regrettably there are no WYSIWYG tools for writing the Sphinx style of RST so you have to learn it like a programming language. A good starting point is to take a look at a definition of restructuredText (RST, reST)

The reason for subjecting ourselves to RST is that it can be easily converted to PDF and Epub formats as well as HTML.

The Indicia documentation is stored in a repository on GitHub. You can fork this to make changes to the documentation and submit them as pull requests. Once changes are merged in to the repository, the administrator of the documentation website then converts the RST into HTML for use on the public website. Currently the documents are hosted by ReadTheDocs which links to the repository and performs the compilation to HTML. The final url of the documentation is

For additional information see