Client website architectureΒΆ

A client website can be created using any website technology you like. The interface between the client and warehouse uses standard internet protocols and, so long as you comply with the protocol, it should work.

If you choose to develop a client website with PHP then you can take advantage of the client_helpers library which provides many functions to simplify the creation of web pages to enter and show data, managing all of the interaction with the warehouse for you.

Furthermore, if you choose to develop a website with the Drupal content management system then you can use our IForm module for Drupal which can reduce the creation of a client website to a configuration task which can be performed by a non-programmer. The chapter on Building your site Building your site provides some information on how to do this.

When you find you have a requirement which exceeds what is available in the existing code you will need to do some additional development. If the requirement is very specific to your site then you should look at options for customisation or creating a new or extending an existing pre-built form.

If your requirement is more generally applicable then you may wish to submit code improvements to the IForm module, client_helpers, or media libraries.