Adding a map control

The essentials of a typical biological record are generally understood to be who, what, where and when. These correspond to the following things that we want to capture on our record form.

  • recorder

  • species

  • grid ref or other spatial ref and optional site

  • date


Indicia has a special take on its interpretation of the essentials of a biological record. We strongly believe that it is perfectly valid to build a recording system aimed solely at educating and inspiring future recorders. Therefore we consider the recorder field to be optional, so that you might, for example, build a form aimed at children which captures no recorder data. We also allow the recording of any taxon, not just species, including non-taxonomic colloquialisms such as “water bird” or “flying insect”. The resultant information does not really constitute a biological record in the purest form but as long as we understand and use the records only as appropriate this does not matter.

To finish off the essentials of our record input form, we need to add at least a method of inputting a grid reference. We are going to use the sref_and_system and map_panel functions to create a grid reference input box and a supporting map by inserting the following code into your PHP block:

echo data_entry_helper::sref_and_system(array(
  'label' => 'Grid Ref',
  'fieldname' => 'sample:entered_sref',
  'systems' => array('osgb'=>'British National Grid')
echo data_entry_helper::map_panel(array(
  'presetLayers' => array('google_streets','google_satellite')

Save your PHP file and reload the form in your browser. With any luck, a map has appeared for the Google street map layer, centered over the UK. There are pan and zoom controls, drag, double click to zoom and shift drag to zoom features as well as a layer switcher in the top right of the map (click the + button). There are of course lots of options to configure the mapping behaviour but this tutorial is about the basic requirements of an online recording form so we’ll leave those for another time. Now, try inputting a British National Grid reference into the Grid Ref box, then pressing the tab key to move out of the control. You should find that the map highlights the input grid reference and zooms in.

You can also try clicking on the map to set a grid reference - you no longer need to know how grid references work to input them!


At the moment, the layout of your controls on the form is a bit haphazard. Try adding a call to data_entry_helper::link_default_stylesheet(); before the dump_javascript() call to request that Indicia includes its standard stylesheets which will give a good starting point for improving your form layout. This also does things like colour the mandatory control asterisks red and other generally useful styling.