Data Services - reading data using the Client Helpers API

The PHP Client Helpers API provides methods which simplify the use of the Data Services web services to access records on the warehouse. The data_entry_helper class provides the get_population_data method which supports loading of data via entity views or reports, sorting, filtering and local caching. A full description of the method parameters is provided in the method’s documentation.


Link to the API documentation.

Example 1 - reading a record using the Client Helpers API in PHP

Using the PHP Client Helpers API, the first example’s request can be invoked using the following code:

  // This example authenticates against the demonstration website
  $readAuth=data_entry_helper::get_read_auth(1, 'password');
    'table' => 'occurrence',
    'extraParams' => $readAuth + array('id'=>10),
    'nocache' => true // forces a load from the db rather than local cache
  // $records[0] is now an array holding the record details