Indicia Manual

Welcome to the Indicia manual, where you find out about all aspects of the Indicia online recording toolkit. Indicia is an open source community project that simplifies the building of biological recording websites and mobile applications.

The Indicia manual should provide useful information whether you are still deciding if online recording or Indicia is right for you, you need details on administering or building websites or even if you feel you are ready start to help developing the Indicia project code itself.

Indicia solves your online recording puzzles


If you are still deciding whether to use Indicia or just want an overview of the project, then why not read an introduction to the project here.

Dive straight in

Just want to get started? Dive in here..

Building an online recording website

If you are about to build an online recording website or are in the process of site building, then learn how to build a site using Indicia here.


If you are planning to set up an Indicia website or already have one but need to know more about administration, then learn how to install and administer Indicia websites here.

Developing Indicia

If you are planning to develop using the Indicia PHP client helpers API, report writing system or would like to help develop the code for Indicia, then you can get information for developers of Indicia here.

Getting More Help

Find out about other places you can get help on using, building and developing biological recording websites using Indicia.


Indicia is a community owned project whose code development is supported by a number of organisations. View the list of supporting organisations here.


Like all other parts of the Indicia ecosystem, the Indicia manual is a free and open source project. Find out about how you can contribute here.