After an application account has been created on a website, we can test some of its functionality. Bellow are some examples of some of the module’s services. For the sake of simplicity, for communication to the module we will use a free Chrome extension called POSTMan, but any similar product can be used (eg. Firefox’s RESTClient).

All communications with the module should be authenticated by providing your application name and password:

  • appname: myApplication

  • appsecret: myApplicationPass

Note: In the examples the server base URL I am using is localhost/drupal, but please change it to match iRecord www.brc.ac.uk/irecord or your drupal site’s base path.


The easiest way to send a record is anonymously, that way the record will not be attached to any user in the drupal system, but the authentication step is avoided.

The minimum required information for sending a record its date, location and location system and the taxon id on the warehouse. Furthermore, the record should be attached to some website (e.g. iRecord) and one of the surveys defined on the warehouse.

The '200 Success' response received from the module on record submit to the warehouse. Otherwise if some of the data was incorrect, it would either not pass the module’s authentication (appsecret, appname) or the warehouse would refuse to accept records with insuficcent or incorrect data (e.g. no sref provided or some of the fields are not set in the survey).


Sending an anonymous record does not require to have a user account on the drupal site, therefore the process is straightforward.

Warehouse information:

  • website_id: 77

  • survey_id: 135

Record data:

  • sample:date : 19/09/2014

  • sample:entered_sref : 51.5974,-1.1336

  • sample:entered_sref_system : 4326

  • occurrence:taxa_taxon_list_id : 112906

POSTMan sending anonymous record to the mobile auth module


This is just like sending an anonymous record only that users email and usersecret (received after login through the module) should be provided.

User details:

POSTMan sending a record to the mobile auth module



If a user account has been setup on the website, we can try to authenticate with the account.

User account:

POSTMan sending a login request to the module

The successful login’s response first line is the new generated password - usersecret, which along with the users email could be used to identify the submitted record’s ownership.

Module's responce to the login request



Add registration example.



Add report example.