Generic Settings for IForm pagesΒΆ

Each and every prebuilt form provided by Indicia has a number of settings that are specific to that form, as described in the following pages. In addition there are a handful of settings which are generic and appear on the configuration page for all forms, as described below:

  • View access control - if ticked, this enables a separate Drupal permission to be created which controls access to this Indicia form. This is useful when you set one level of access for Indicia pages in general but have a higher level of control over who can access this form. For example, you might allow all users to view Indicia pages in order to view report pages, but only allow logged in (authenticated) users to access a data entry page. In this case, ticking View access control for the data entry form provides a Drupal permission specific to this form which can be used to control which user roles are able to use the form.

  • Permission name for view access control - when combined with View access control, this allows you to specify the exact name of the permission created for the page. This is especially useful when you allocate several Indicia pages to the same named permission so that access to all these pages can be controlled by allocating a single permission to the appropriate role.


    You can allocate permissions to the roles that have access to pages tagged with those permissions under the Iform module section on the User management > Permissions page. You must of course have permission to the permissions page yourself first!

  • Redirect to page after successful data entry - only relevant for data entry forms. By default the form will reload on the current page so after successfully adding a record but if you want to redirect the user to a different Drupal page (e.g. an acknowledgement page) then use this setting to specify the Drupal URL path for the page.

  • Display notification after save - if ticked, then a notification message is displayed at the top of the form acknowledging the record. You might like to untick this box when after saving the record the user is redirected to a page which includes its own acknowledgement text.


    If you want to change the default acknowledgement text displayed then you can specify your own language override file for the relevant Indicia page. More information is provided under Customising pages built using prebuilt forms in Drupal.

  • Additional CSS files to include - this control allows you to specify a list of additional stylesheet files to load when this Indicia page loads. Use the replacement tags as described in the hint provided on the configuration form. So, for example the following settings load comments.css from the iform/media/css folder as well as two-columns.css from the iform/client_helpers/prebuilt_forms/css folder: