Record Details 2

Provides a customisable view of a single record, ideal for linking to “Explore” reports.

If you install the Metatag and Metatag: Open Graph modules, Record Details pages will add location, image and title metadata to the page which can be picked up in links to Facebook and other social media.

This form provides a configurable way to create a view page for a record. The following controls are available in its user interface:

User Interface

The content of the generated page is entirely driven by the User interface > Form structure configuration. Like other Indicia customisable page types, the Form Structure is a text area in which you can place tokens which are replaced by controls when the page is viewed. You can intersperse the control tokens with HTML to build a custom layout if required.

Controls are represented by their name in square brackets and must be the only thing on their line. They are followed by any number of parameters on the subsequent lines which start with @, are followed by the property name then equals then the value. The list of properties associated with a control stops as soon as something else is found which is not A property definition. Property names and values are normally on one line but if a large property value is required you can wrap the value in an XML comment (<!– … –>). For example:


Controls availabe are as follows:

[record details]

Draws the record details section of the page, including a list of attribute name/value pairs including custom attributes. Options include:

  • fieldsToExcludeIfLoggedOut - array of field names to skip if the user is anonymous.

  • outputFormatting - set to true to enable auto-formatting HTML for new lines and hyperlinks in text custom attribute values.


Outputs a set of photo thumbnails for the record, with click to show the original image in a popup.

[sample photos]

Outputs a set of photo thumbnails for the record’s sample, with click to show the original image in a popup.

[parent sample photos]


A map showing the record.


[previous determinations]

[occurrence associations]



A control for rendering a Drupal block.

Options are: * @title - output a block title. * @module - machine name of the module providing the block. * @block - machine name of the block.