Autogenerating download files

The iform_remote_download module allows download CSV files to be autogenerated for all data flow filters assigned to a given user. Filters are entries in the filters table on the warehouse and define a set of parameters to extract a set of records from the database, e.g. a date range, geographic or taxonomic constraint.


  1. You might typically create a fake user account to represent a data destination (e.g. the NBN Gateway), or use a standard user account. The user should be registered on a Drupal client system running Easy Login and the iform_remote_download module such as iRecord.

  2. Create entries in the filters and filters_users table assigned to this user account to define the contents of each download file that you require. On iRecord you will need rights to use the Filters Admin tool to do this. On other systems you can create a page with the option admin=true set on the report filter panel control using a “Reporting page (customisable)” page type.

  3. Assign autogenerate downloads permissions to the users you want to be able to trigger the creation of the download files.

  4. Visit the path /remote_download/autogenerate?indicia_user_id=nn where nn is the Indicia user ID of the account you have created data flow filters for. Assuming that no errors are output, this will generate 1 file per filter assigned to the user.

  5. The CSV files are generated in a folder sites/default/files/autogenerated_downloads/user_id_nn where nn is the warehouse user ID of the user you are generating files for. Each file will be called download-mm.csv where mm is the ID of the filter record in the database.