Data Cleaner - Species Location Module

Allows declaration of a rule that tags a verification notification message against any records of a species that belong to a sample where the location is not in a list of allowed known locations for the species/survey combination. An example usage might be where a species is only known at a small number of sites. For correct configuration in the warehouse, create a new verification rule with the following settings:

  • Title and Description set as required.

  • Test Type = SpeciesLocation

  • Error Message = …

  • Metadata

    SurveyId=ID of the survey being checked
    LocationNames=List of allowed locations' names, comma separated
    Tvk=External key (normally the preferred taxon version key) of the species
    Taxon=Preferred taxon name
    TaxonMeaningId=Meaning ID from the database for the species

Note that you only need to supply one of the Tvk, Taxon or TaxonMeaningId settings in order to identify