Warehouse Extension Modules

The warehouse is designed as a lightweight core essential for all biological recording usages of Indicia, with a set of optional extension modules that each enable a specific area of functionality.


Modules can be installed on warehouses by editing the application/config/config.php file using a text editor, then finding the definition of the $config[‘modules’] array. Ensure that this contains the following line, replacing module_name with the name of the file system folder which contains the module:


In some cases, the modules install additional menu items or tabs into the Indicia warehouse user interface. Because the warehouse’s user interface is cached for performance reasons, when you install such a module you will need to remove the files from the application/cache folder in the warehouse installation folder which follow either of the following patterns otherwise the user interface updates will not take place until after the next cache update:

  • tabs-*

  • indicia-menu-*

If the module makes changes to the database, visit home/upgrade in your browser to run the database scripts.

Module List