NBN Species Dictionary Synchronisation Module


This module has been deprecated in favour of importing via a dedicated script, as performance when using the current web services is too slow. It is no longer being maintained. See Importing the UK Species Index into an Indicia list - full syncrhonisation.

This optional module provides various options for downloading species data from the NBN Species Dictionary web services into Indicia species lists. It provides the following functions:

  • An NBN Species Dict Sync tab for the edit page for a taxon list, allowing you to pull NBN species data into that list. Note that because the web services do not support bulk download of full species data this technique is not practical for a full list. However you can install the Taxon Groups to Taxon Lists Link Module in order to limit the taxon groups a list is associated with, making this approach more practical.

  • An NBN Species Dict Sync tab for the list page for taxon groups, allowing you to pull NBN reporting categories into Indicia’s taxon groups list.

  • An NBN Species Dict Sync tab for the list page for taxon designations, allowing you to pull NBN taxon designations into Indicia’s taxon designations list.

Installation notes

When you install this module, you also need to configure the module to provide your NBN web services registration key. To do this, duplicate the file in your warehouse installation folder modules\nbn-species-dict-sync\config\nbn-species-dict-sync.php.example and rename the duplicated file to nbn-species-dict-sync.php. Now edit the file in a text editor and add your key to the empty quotes in the following line: