People Tidier Module

When using Easy Login across several client websites linked to a single warehouse instance, it is possible that a recorder will provide a different email for logins on each of the client websites. The result of this is that the recorder will get more than one user record created on the warehouse and this also means that it is not possible to do a “My Records” style of report to pull in all their records from multiple client websites. The People Tidier module provides a way to clean up this situation in the data. It adds a Tidy tab to the edit page for a person record in the warehouse.

The additional tab on the edit details of a person.

This tab allows you to search for the duplicate person record on the warehouse, then you can choose which person record to keep. The other person record and associated user are discarded and their records are reallocated to the person you chose to keep.


Before using this module you will need to ask the recorder to correct their email address otherwise the same situation will reoccur. Don’t forget that this module changes the database and the changes cannot be undone without reverting to backup!

Installation notes

After installation you should search for files starting with the word tabs- in the application/cache folder on the warehouse and delete them, otherwise the caching system will prevent the new tab from appearing for a while.