Data Cleaner - Without Polygon Module

This module replicates the functionality of the NBN Record Cleaner WithoutPolygon rule type. It allows the expected distribution range of a species to be specified as a list of grid squares (hence without a polygon) and flags a notification against records of that species which fall outside the list of grid squares. For correct configuration in the warehouse, create a new verification rule with the following settings:

  • Title and Description set as required.

  • Test Type = SpeciesLocationName

  • Error Message = …

  • Metadata

    DataRecordId=set to the external key (normally the Taxon Version Key) of the species to
  • Other Data

    [grid square size]
    list of grid squares, 1 per line

Note that DataFieldName should always be set to Species. The NBN Record Cleaner supports an additional mode of ViceCounty allowing vice county data to be checked, this is not currently supported in Indicia.

Under Other Data, specify the grid square size you are using in square brackets, choosing from one of:

  • [10km_GB]

  • [10km_Ireland]

  • [10km_CI]

  • [1km_GB]

  • [1km_Ireland]

  • [1km_CI]

Each section header should be followed by a list of grid squares one per line. The CI square sizes refer to Channel Islands grid data, which is UTM30 on the ED50 datum.


The WithoutPolygon rule type processes each rule after import and converts the list of grid squares into a polygon which it stores in the verification_rule.value_geom database field and then uses PostGIS spatial querying to select the species which fall outside their range.