Survey Cleanup

The Survey Cleanup module adds a new tab to the details view of a survey on the warehouse which allows cleanup of unwanted records associated with the survey. This is ideal for development and testing scenarios where you need to revert to an empty survey without recreating all the attributes but it can also be used to purge mark deleted records.

The Survey Cleanup module's tab

The Survey Cleanup module can remove:

  • All deleted records (see tip below).

  • All test records (records where the record_status was set to ‘T’).

  • All records.


Indicia does not actually delete the database record when a record is deleted from the warehouse, instead the record is mark deleted. This means that the original copy is left in the database and a deleted boolean field is set to true to indicate that the record is no longer in use.

Note that the Survey Cleanup module has only been designed to remove the records for a fairly typically structured survey. If a survey uses extension tables added via a warehouse module then these tables will not be cleaned up, so PostgreSQL’s foreign key checks will prevent the occurrence records from being removed.

Remember that when you install this module you will need to remove files matching the pattern application/cache/tabs-* from the warehouse to ensure that the change is picked up immediately.