Survey Structure Export

The Survey Structure Export module adds a new tab to the details view of a survey on the warehouse which allows simple export and import of the attributes configured for the survey. This process allows transfer of survey dataset structures within a single warehouse and across different warehouses, making it ideal for migrating from development and test warehouses to live warehouses when ready.

To export a survey structure

Simply go to the Edit page for the survey you want to export from on the source warehouse. Click on the Import & Export tab. Copy the contents of the Exported survey structure box to the clipboard to grab a copy of the exported data. If you like, you can paste this into a text editor and save it somewhere for safe-keeping.

To import a survey structure

Before importing, create a survey dataset on the destination warehouse ready to receive the structure, then visit it’s Edit page. Click on the Import & Export tab. Paste the exported data which you’d previously copied into the Import survey structure box then click the Import button. You’ll be then shown a log with any errors listed.