Taxon Designations

This module extends the taxonomy data support for Indicia to include designations of taxa. It adds the following tables to the system:

  • taxon_designations - A list of all known taxon designations

  • taxa_taxon_designations - Joins between taxa and their designations.

In addition a termlist is created to hold categories of designations. Both the above tables are exposed via the Data Services web service.

The module also introduces the following items to the warehouse user interface.

  • A Taxon Designations menu item, on the Admin menu and available to anyone who has admin access to the warehouse or one of the registered client websites.

  • A Taxon Designations Index screen accessed via the above menu item and which lists all designations, which links to a Taxon Designations Edit page for creating and editing single designations.

  • A new Designations tab available on the details of a single taxon which lists the designations that are linked to a taxon and provides functions to add to this list or edit existing links.

  • A Taxa Taxon Designations Edit page for creating or editing a single link from a taxon to a taxon designation.

Importing designations

Designations can be imported from CSV files using the warehouse’ standard import facilities. In addition the Taxon Designations Index page provides an import tool that allows you to import the JNCC Conservation Designations spreadsheet or any spreadsheet in the same format. This imports the designations themselves as well as the links to the taxa (which must already exist for the links to be created). The spreadsheet must have the following columns:

  • designation title

  • designation code

  • designation abbr

  • designation description

  • designation category

  • taxon

  • taxon external key

  • start date

  • source

  • geographic constraint

Installation notes

Because this module adds new database tables, please ensure that you log into the warehouse and visit the index.php/home/upgrade page in order to install the new tables.