Data Cleaner - Phenology Within Biogeographical Region ModuleΒΆ

This module provides a means for checking whether the date for a record falls within an expected date range within the year for the biogeographical region within which the record was made. For example the expected phenology of a single butterfly species can vary widely across Europe, depending on the biogeographical region under consideration. For any given species and biogeographical region, the expected phenology can consist of one or more descrete date ranges - the latter case typically for bivoltine species.

A typical rule definition is shown below:

Group=Phenology within Biogeographical region
ShortName=Phenology with biogeography: Pararge aegeria in Pannonian (eBMS)
Description=Check known eBMS phenology for Pararge aegeria in the Pannonian biogeographical region
ErrorMsg=Date for Pararge aegeria is outside known eBMS phenology in the Pannonian biogeographical area



Dates are expressed in the format MMDD. If you need to specify an end date of the end of February, you should epxress it as 0229 rather than 0228.