Data Cleaner Period Within Year Module

This module replicates the functionality of the NBN Record Cleaner PeriodWithYear rule type. It allows a warning to be tagged against records where the species is recorded oustide a given time of year, or can be reversed so that the warning occurs when the record is within the time of year. A typical use of this rule might be to provide a notification for a record of a species which has a reasonably reliable migration pattern so is only present in the country for part of the year. For correct configuration in the warehouse, create a new verification rule with the following settings:

  • Title and Description set as required.

  • Test Type = PeriodWithinYear

  • Error Message = …

  • Reverse Rule - tick this box if you want to report records of a species which are in a date range rather than not in a date range.

  • Metadata =

    StartDate=start of the date range in mmdd format
    EndDate=end of the date range in mmdd format
    Tvk=External key (normally the preferred taxon version key) of the species
    Taxon=Preferred taxon name
    TaxonMeaningId=Meaning ID from the database for the species

Note that you only need to supply a Tvk, Taxon or TaxonMeaningId setting to identify the species. DataFieldName is provided for compatibility with the NBN Record Cleaner rule files but is not actually used, instead Indicia uses an occurrence attribute with the system function option set to ‘sex_stage’ to determine which attribute identifies the stage of the record.