First steps to building a prebuilt form

Look inside the file folder containing your Drupal installation and find the path sites/all/modules/iform. This is the folder containing the module which extends Drupal to support online recording using Indicia. Inside this, you will find a folder called client_helpers which contains the client API code common to non-Drupal websites and within this folder you will find a folder prebuilt_forms. This folder contains one PHP file per prebuilt form, as well as a handful of related sub-folders.

The easiest way to start writing a prebuilt form is to copy the form.php.template file then rename it to a suitable file name reflecting the form you are building. In our case let’s call the file we are going to write tutorial.php. Open it using a text editor and search for the word @todo, since the template file has flagged each essential task you need to perform with a todo in a format that is compatible with the PhpDocumentor automated documentation system.