This tutorial takes you step by step through the process of converting the form we wrote in Tutorial: Writing a form using the PHP Client Helpers API into a prebuilt form ready for use in Drupal. Before starting you should

  1. have an installation of Drupal with the IForm module enabled.

  2. have the completed code from the previous tutorial to hand.

Prebuilt forms are ready made pieces of Indicia functionality such as data input forms, reporting and mapping pages. The idea is to allow development of reusable pieces of PHP code, meaning that you don’t need to write PHP to use much of the power of Indicia. Note that the prebuilt forms can support their own configuration forms meaning that they can be quite flexible, so you don’t need to write new forms for each survey input form or report. Prebuilt forms reside in the client_helpers/prebuilt_forms directory within the IForm module and take the form of classes which implement a predefined set of methods in order to declare their parameters and to build the output HTML.