Website agreements

By default, when you use the Indicia reporting system to pull out occurrence records having authenticated your request as coming from a website registered on the warehouse, the reporting system will automatically filter the response to only include records belonging to that website, as long as the report is “well-behaved” of course. This might not always be the desired behaviour, for example on iRecord the reporting system includes the records captured via a wide variety of apps and website portals as well as those entered directly into iRecord itself. The website agreements module in the database provides a way to declare agreements (like contracts) which websites can join and configure how they contribute or receive records to and from other websites who have joined the same contract. It is possible to set different permissions for different “tasks”, e.g. a website may contribute records to the iRecord portal for verification purposes but not general reporting.

Entity Relationship Diagram for the website agreements module of the database.

In general you don’t need to write queries against the website agreement tables directly since the reporting system automatically builds the correct list of website_ids to filter against and inserts this into the report query for you.