Standard parameters in reports

The standard parameters feature built into Indicia’s reporting engine provides a flexible set of reporting parameters that can be applied to any report that runs against the cache_occurrences_functional table or cache_samples_functional. By having a consistent, standard set of parameters that can run against a wide variety of reports it facilitates developing functionality that benefits from the assumption that the parameters it understands will be supported. For example, the filter panel used on iRecord allows filters to be created and saved them used for a wide variety of purposes using different underlying reports.

In order to support standard parameter functionality the report must:

  • include standard_params="occurrences" or standard_params="samples" in the attributes of the query element in the report definition.

  • include the table cache_occurrences_functional with an alias of o for occurrence based reports, or cache_samples_functional with an alias of s for sample based reports.

  • include the full set of tags for sharing and filtering as shown in the template below:

    SELECT ...
    FROM ...
    WHERE #sharing_filter#
    .. more filters

The list of parameters made available for occurrence reports which support standard parameters is described in the next section.