Data Services - list of available entities

The following list describes the entities which can be accessed via a call to the data services, either when reading a single record or a set of records. Apart from for a small number of special cases, each entity’s records are read via a view called list_*, detail_* or gv_* where * is the entity name and list, detail or gv are provided in the view web service request parameter. Also, most views return a website_id for each record and this is used to filter the records to those that are available to the calling website. Those which are not filtered in this way are indicated in the Website restrictions column.

Warehouse core entities

Entity Available views Website restrictions?
cache_taxa_taxon_lists none no
cache_taxon_searchterms none no
determination list  
index_websites_website_agreement none  
group list, detail  
group_page list  
groups_user detail  
group_invitation list  
group_relation list  
language list, detail, gv  
location list, detail, gv  
location_attribute list, gv  
location_attribute_value list  
location_comment list, detail, gv  
location_media list, gv  
notification list no
occurrence list, detail, gv  
occurrence_attribute list, gv  
occurrence_attribute_value list  
occurrence_comment list  
occurrence_media list, gv  
person list, detail, gv  
person_attribute list, gv  
person_attribute_value list  
sample list, detail  
sample_attribute list, gv  
sample_attribute_value list  
sample_comment list  
sample_media list, gv  
survey list, detail, gv  
survey_comment list, detail, gv  
survey_media list, gv  
taxa_taxon_list list, detail, gv no
taxa_taxon_list_attribute list, gv  
taxa_taxon_list_attribute_value list  
taxon_code list, detail, gv  
taxon_group list, detail, gv no
taxon_list list, detail, gv  
taxon_media list, detail, gv  
taxon_rank list, gv  
taxon_relation list, gv no
taxon_relation_type list, detail, gv  
taxon_search   no
term list, detail  
termlist list, detail, gv  
termlists_term list, detail, gv  
title list, detail, gv  
trigger gv  
user list, gv  
user_identifier gv  
website list, detail, gv  
website_agreement list, detail, gv  
websites_website_agreement list, detail, gv  

Note that warehouse modules may declare additional entities to extend this list.