The Mobile Authentication module was created to allow applications on mobile devices to communicate with the web-site that hosts the module and so indirectly with the warehouse. Through multiple services it provides the means to:

  • register and login a user

  • validate a user registration

  • send records

  • retrieve reports

All the services the Mobile Auth module provides are accessed through a few dedicated URLs using POST requests.

To use the module, follow the procedure for setting up the module. Next create an account for your app. When you create an account for your app, you choose a name and password which your app will have to send in order to use the services provided by the module. Website administrators are advised to use https to encrypt this communication. Finally, follow the protocol described for the services to communicate with the website. Turn on logging and examine the Drupal log to diagnose any problems.


This module could be used to augment any Indicia-powered Drupal website. It has been set up on BRC’s iRecord website which is used in all the examples. App developers interested in sending records to iRecord should contact the iRecord team.