Setting Up

This section deals with setting up the module. The following information applies only to website administrators. If you are an app developer and this module is being used to allow you to submit records through a website that you do not administer then you do not need to read this.


This documentation covers only Drupal 7. The module is available for Drupal 6 but future development and support will target D7.


The only requirement for setting up the Mobile Auth module is for the iForm module to be installed and configured on your Drupal site.


You can clone or download this module from Github.

Depending on your Drupal installation the module should be placed in your modules folder -sites\all\modules.

Setting permissions

The module provides two permissions:

  • View the administrative dashboard

  • View personal dashboard

A user must be assigned one of these permissions in order to manage app accounts.

The difference is that a person with the administrator permission can access and modify all application accounts on the site while a user who has the personal permission can only see and edit those of his own creation.