IForm Licences moduleΒΆ

The IForm licences module can be enabled on a Drupal Indicia site to allow users to choose their own licence settings for records or media files.

  1. Before using it, you need to make sure that the licences you wish to use are available on the warehouse (see Managing the list of licences).

  2. Enable the Drupal module as normal.

  3. Go to Configuration > IForm > Settings on your Drupal site. Near the bottom of the settings page you should find a configuration for the following choice of behaviour which you should select from then save the configuration page:

    • User can select licence for records only

    • User can select licence for media (photos etc) only

    • User can select licence for records and media separately.

  4. User profile edit pages will now have a control for choosing their licence, for their records and/or media files, depending on the above setting.

    User profile licence options.