Managing the list of licencesΒΆ

The Indicia warehouse includes a table of licence details containing various versions of Creative Commons licences and any others required. The table is pre-populated with commonly used licences and you are free to add your own.

  • View the list of licences at Lookup Lists > Licences on the menu.

  • Add new licences using the New licence button. You will need to provide at least a licence title and code (abbreviation such as CC-BY) and preferably links to the licence online reference page.

  • You can also edit the details of licences. However, be aware that you should not make edits to existing licences with associated records or media if they change the nature of the licence, otherwise you are changing what people believe they have signed up to.

As well as configuring the total list of licences available on the warehouse you should also link the licences to the website registrations you want to make them available for. This allows each website registration to maintain its own subset of licences that are available for selection by the users. To do this:

  1. Go to the list of website registrations at Admin > Websites and edit the one you want to configure licences for.

  2. Select the Licences tab.

  3. Click the Add Licence button then select the licence you want to add and save it.

  4. Repeat for any further licences you want to enable for this website registration.

Details on how to expose licences for selection by your users are in the IForm Licences module documentation.