Verification 5

The 5th version of Indicia’s record verification tool, allowing experts to assign their view of a record’s quality.


Complete documentation.

Managing permissions

By default, a verifier can see all records. In this situation they can create their own filters for any subsets of the records but are able to view anything. For most verifiers though, you want to create a filter e.g. to limit the butterfly expert to butterfly records. If you do this using a permissions filter, they will only be able to see butterfly records so cannot verify any other data. They can still create their own filters, but they won’t be able to filter to see any records outside the group they are restricted to. This is the typical setup you want for most verifiers I think. However, in some cases you may have someone who is verifying more than one set of records, e.g. the butterfly expert might also do bumblebees, in which case you can create several permissions filters for the one person. In this situation, they get an extra “Context” drop down, which allows them to select from the different permissions filters, so they might spend one working session on butterflies and another on bumblebees

Occurrence metadata

Sometimes when processing records, it is useful to be able to assign flags regarding a record’s status which are really just information regarding the processing of the record, not part of the record’s data. Therefore it would not be appropriate to store this information in standard custom attributes which are shown in many reports shown to the end users. Storing such metadata flags can be achieved using the Custom occurrence metadata configuration in the Other Iform Parameters section of the page’s Edit tab. Click the Add field to fields list link to add a field, then give it a title. If you save the page now you will have added a free text input box and Save button to the details pane shown for each record. You can optionally set a list of values to pick from by specifying key=value pairs in the Values box, e.g.:

I=In progress

Now, a drop down select input control will be added to the detais pane instead.